SendtheTrend sends the ripoff!!!

West Hollywood, California 0 comments

Beware of SendtheTrend!!!!Do not purchase anything from them unless you want them to steal $30 from you every month.

They bait you with what appears to be a pretty good deal on accessories UNTIL you receive your item. It is then you discover it is very cheaply made and destined for a pre schooler's dress up box. Adding to your wounded pride for having the poor judgment and lapse in taste for ordering said CHEAPlookingCRAP, your credit card or bank account will be thoughtfully deducted $29.95 every month so you can build up a huge credit so that you can buy more CHEAPlookingCRAP!!!!!! WTF?!

How is this legal?!Don't fall for SendtheTrend because they are just going to SendtheCrap and you are going to feel violated when THEY continue to STEAL YOUR MONEY.

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